How to Monitor AI Recommendations for Products in Your Market?

Published on 2023-11-07 by Silver Keskkula

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Go to, type "Best 5 tools for X" where X is the market you compete in, type your email and voilĂ  - you're now getting an email every time any of the popular AI platforms change what they recommend to users in your market.

I had this idea when I realized that I have pretty much stopped googling things I'm interested in. The answers from AI-chatbots are just there and you don't have to go through the hassle of visiting search results and trying to figure out which one contains what you are interested in.

Search is moving from google to AI-chatbots and the only problem is that there's just so many of these new chatbots. We don't exactly know who is going to win the newly rediscovered internet search market, so the best we can do is keep an eye on all of them. And that's why I created Effectively it's a tool that helps you

Prepare yourself for the future where potential clients do not find you on Google but find you through asking AI-chatbots product related questions in your market.

AI Directories

In order to showcase how easy it is to monitor both brands and recommendations on AI I've created two directories. These are mainly there to inspire your own searches and to provide a source of data into how often and when AI answers change for well known brands and products.

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AI Directory for Publicly Listed Companies

To inspire your searches for specific companies, products or brands I created an AI Directory for publicly listed companies on NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange. I'm going to be adding companies there regularly to make sure we have a record of how AI comments regarding these companies change over time.

AI Directory for Product Recommendations

In order to inspire your searches for top products in the market I created the AI Directory for Product and Brand Recommendations - a page that lists the top lists from AI in all the major categories. I started off with a few examples to show how easy it is to create these lists and will continue to keep adding categories there. Examples there are very broad and general, but if you're operating in a well known industry, then you can specify it down to a niche topic or geography or really anything you can think of that helps to target better.

For example instead of a generic "Top 10 Data Analysis Tools" you can track and monitor "Top 10 best data analysis tools for medical data in EU".

The cool thing with Large Language Models is that they really allow you to enter open-ended text and the only limitation Track AI Answers brings to the table is the use of the words "best" and "top" in the beginning of top list searches & recommendations to help convert those lists into engaging visuals that we can all track along time.

top 10 food industry related influencers in UK image

The examples above should be enough to give you an idea how to get going, so the only question that remains is:

What are you going to start monitoring today?