Track AI Answers

What does AI know about a person or brand?


Track your brand, company or product in AI recommendations

Start your search with "Top 5 ...", "Best 10 ...": "Best 5 mobile phones to consider buying" "Top 5 coffee chains in England" "Top 5 restaurants in Vancouver downtown" etc.

Why? Because search for products and recommendations is moving to AI-chatbots.

  • Millions of people have stopped visiting search links, but instead ask ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing AI about products and brand recommendations
  • If AI does not recommend your product or brand you're missing out on prospective clients in a growing market that will likely replace Search
  • Your position in the AI recommended top lists signals brand strength in the snapshots of human knowledge
  • Answers from AIs are now part of your Online Reputation
  • There are too many competing new AI-chatbots to keep regularly checking manually
  • There randomness introduced into AI answers makes it difficult to manually assess where you really stand
  • AI models are being updated and retrained constantly, so it's hard to keep up
  • Tracking Online Reputation now includes the opinions of AIs
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How Does This Work?


Search for product/brand top list or recommendation.


We ask all the different AIs (ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, ...) what they would recommend and bring the AI answers onto one page.


You sign up with your email to stay informed by getting automatic emails when any AI provided top list positions change.


Track AI Answers now continuously monitors your product or brand related recommendations and makes sure you find out first if any recommendations the AI gives to millions of people change.



All Models on a Single Page

OpenAI GPT-3, ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing AI, Google Bard and a growing list of AI-chatbots that are all competing for the transforming search market.


Emails when Answers Change

Get notificiation emails when positions in AI recommendations and AI top lists change on any of the popular AI-chatbot platforms! Perfect for making sure you know how your brand is doing according to AI - the new generation of search engines.


Tips and Tools to Fix

Stay ahead of the curve by learning the tips and tricks on how to have the best chance of changing the answers given by AIs.


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