Tracking Your Brand in AI Answers

Published on 2023-06-19 by Silver Keskkula

Do you know what all the different AI models out there say about your brand, product or company? Turns out it's pretty annoying to check them all regularly, so we created a tool to make it easy.

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Background Story

It all actually started with another project - a project for tracking your name in AI answers called Have I Been Encoded. It is sort of like googling yourself, but with a caveat that there will be many search engines to search yourself on now that the search landscape is changing and AI-chatbots are entering the game. It all worked pretty well and we even got invited to a Radio Show in the US to talk about that project, but we felt like there's a bigger opportunity here.

Search for companies in AI answers

It became obvious that companies actually have a higher incentive to track their ranking in AI answers. Not only is it important to know when the AI-chatbots are hallucinating or lying about your company, it's actually crucial as the potential first contact with the client. Sure it's going to take time until Large Language Models get massively used when providing answers to product searches, but I don't think anyone doubts that this is going to happen.

While everyone else out there seems to be scrambling to use AI's to generate more content, we decided to do something that is much simpler and the need is more obvious. It really is super annoying to visit 4-5 sites regularly to find out if any of the answers regarding your brand have changed since last time. Throwing it all on a single page to help you track AI answers automatically made a lot of sense to us.

Don't generate more content with AI!

We think it's obvious that producing more content with generative algorithms is not going to work. We're willing to bet that search engines will get more aggressive in downranking results where content grows at a suspicious rate and has any hint of being AI-generated. You won't be abe to do "AI for SEO". Your only real option is to do "SEO for AI" - tracking your results on AI answers and figuring out what it actually takes to influence those answers. There's a longer post here on what are the ways to currently change AI answers and we'll get to more details in future posts.


Here's a set of a few links that we've actually seen that make sense on the new topic of "SEO for AI"

Let us know on Twitter if you see some good posts on the topic that we haven't noticed!