Find Out What AIs Know About Your Name and Your Brand

Published on 2023-08-11 by Silver Keskkula helps you track answers about your personal or company brand from all the different AI-chatbots all on one page and get email notifications when those answers change.

Wait, why do the AI answers matter?

Search is changing! We no longer have to use Google or Bing and sift through search results one page and link at a time trying to find the answer to our question. The invention of Large Language Models and their use in products such as ChatGPT, Bing AI and Google Bard AI has allowed us to skip that step and get directly from our question to the answer.

"It is very likely that the new generation of your users and followers will NOT find you on google, but rather in Ai-chatbot answers."

These are all questions people will be asking mostly from AIs and less so from search engines.

Internet Search is up for grabs again!

With this new technology Chat-GPT leaped ahead of Google in the matter of months as early adopters shifted all their searches to chatbots. With this technology breakthrough ChatGPT became the fastest growing app of all time according to usage numbers. With this sudden change, not only did Google and Microsoft wake up but also a bunch of newcomers are spawning - all hoping to enter the re-evolving search market.

What does it matter to me?

As people will be doing less Googling and asking AIs about you or your brand, it might become quite relevant and even economically crucial to stay on top of those AI answers and AI search results and make sure you know what the next generation of potential clients first learns about you.

AIs lie and hallucinate about both you and your company!

As impressive as these new models are, they are suffering from a peculiar problem often referred to as "hallucinations" and can generate results that are completely bogus, yet sound truthful. This might actually influence your chances of getting hired or your product from getting picked as most people won’t take the time to check the truthfulness of AI answers and just rely on a quick read.

It’s crucial to make you know what answers are being generated by AI’s about the stuff that matters to you.

So how do I know what AI says about me?

One solution is to go visit every popular AI-chatbot and AI search engine like Google Bard AI, Microsoft Bing AI, Perplexity AI, Claude AI, OpenAI ChatGPT and check manually, but that takes quite a lot of time.

An alternative is to use a solution we built that helps you track AI answers from all major AI-chatbots all on one page and get email notifications when those AI answers change.

Give it a try here:


What’s next?

Tracking what all the AIs say is just the beginning. Changing and influencing those results is the next step and that’s causing quite an uproar in the SEO industry. Follow me on Twitter to learn more about where the future of search is going.