What's Wrong with Estonian Brands According to AI?

Published on 2023-06-20 by Silver Keskkula


I wanted to know if Estonian companies care about what AI-chatbots think of their brands, so I asked ChatGPT for help. Let's see if any of these companies get curious enough to uncover the latest state of AI answers about their brands.


Search is moving from Google to AI-chatbots, so naturally the first impression of a brand will start coming from AI's and chatbots instead of top search engine results. It feels like companies should care about this tectonic shift.

Does AI actually know any Estonian brands?

I decided to have some fun with AI-generated content. I asked ChatGPT to generate a list of well known Estonian brands. As expected the output is a mix of brands that might have strong connections to Estonia, but are not necessarily Estonian. All and all for a lazy person like me who just wants to test a new idea, the output proved mostly usable.

Can AI generate links to seofor.ai for these brands?

Now that I had a list I wanted to see if i can generate links to the tool for tracking answers about brands on all the different AI models out there. Full disclaimer - I built the tool.

Here's the prompt I used:

Can you generate me a list of best known brands in Estonia and for each generate a link in the format of https://seofor.ai/search?term={company_name}. Provide the output in markdown format and don't render it, so I can copy it to my blog.

It took a bit more convincing and nagging ChatGPT to get the output format right, but in the end I got what I needed.

What does AI think of these Estonian brands

Here's the list generated by AI with links to AI answers about each along with my comments for each that gave me pause:

  1. Skype

    "Some users have reported issues with call quality and connectivity, particularly when using the mobile app."

    It just so happens that I used to be responsible for Skype call quality close to two decades ago. I'm glad that's not the case anymore. ;)

  2. Bolt (formerly Taxify)

    "Bolt has faced criticism for its driver screening process and safety measures, leading to concerns about passenger safety."

    Safety concerns for Bolt are mentioned for two evolutions of AI answers, so naturally makes you wonder if fresh AI's think the same or has that perception changed?

  3. Swedbank

    "Swedbank has been involved in several scandals, including money laundering and tax evasion"

    GPT3 cutoff date in 2021 leaves room for negative comments that don't exactly invoke trust in a bank. Would that be the case for the latest state of AI answers?

  4. SEB

    "SEB has been criticized for its high fees and lack of transparency in some of its services."

    I personally would criticize their UI for not evolving with the times and perhaps newer versions of chatbots would agree?

  5. Tallink

    "Tallink has been criticized for its environmental impact, with some accusing the company of polluting the Baltic Sea."

    Again curious if anyone is interested if there's been progress since 2021

  6. LHV Pank

    "LHV Pank is a leading Estonian bank and financial services provider, offering a wide range of banking, investment, and insurance services. LHV Pank is the largest Estonian bank and has a strong presence in the Baltic region."

    I would certainly agree with the leading part in terms of usability, but wondering if the competition would agree with the "leading" and "largest" statements?

  7. Eesti Energia

    "Eesti Energia has been criticized for its high electricity prices"

    Nothing surprising here.

  8. Tallinna Vesi

    "Tallinna Vesi has been criticized for its high water prices and lack of transparency in its operations."

    There's something amusing in a "water supplier" not being transparent enough. Hope things have changed.

  9. Olympic Entertainment Group

    "Olympic Entertainment Group has been criticized for its lack of transparency in its operations and its lack of customer service."

  10. Pipedrive

    "Pipedrive can be expensive for small businesses and the customer support can be slow to respond."

    Having used the service in the past I do recall the limited options for early stage companies, but do not know if that has changed. Perhaps the newer models know?

  11. ERR

    "ERR has been criticized for its lack of transparency and its reliance on government funding."

    Publicly funded media being criticized for being publicly funded. Perhaps GPT-3 is missing the point here.

  12. Prisma Peremarket

    "Some customers have complained about the long queues at the checkout."

    Ok, this one is tough, but somewhat entertaining that it has reached the internals of AI's.

  13. Rimi

    "Rimi stores can be crowded and the checkout lines can be long."

    Lines again - not sure these actually count as negative comments given it's a signal of strong buyer interest.

  14. Elisa

    "Elisa's customer service has been criticized for being slow and unhelpful."

    This is the main criticism in 2021. Have things changed?

  15. Statoil (now Circle K)

    "Statoil has been criticized for its environmental record, particularly in regards to its activities in the Arctic."

  16. Nortal

    "Nortal has been criticized for its lack of transparency in some of its projects."

  17. Selver

    "Selver stores are often crowded and can be difficult to navigate."

  18. Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp

    "Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp has been criticized for its lack of customer service and its high prices."

  19. Balbiino

    "Balbiino is not widely available outside of Finland."

  20. Skeleton Technologies

    "Skeleton Technologies is still relatively unknown in the energy storage market."

  21. A. Le Coq

    "A. le coq is relatively expensive compared to other fashion brands."

    How did GPT-3 get a relatively large brand with seemingly unique name so wrong? I'd be on it to check new models!

  22. Nordic Aviation Group

    "Nordic Aviation Group has been criticized for its high prices and lack of customer service."

  23. Kalev

    "Kalev's products are not widely available outside of Estonia."

  24. Coop

    "Coop has been criticized for its high prices."

  25. Rimi Eesti Food

    "Rimi eesti food has limited store hours and is not open 24/7."

  26. Cleveron

    "Cleveron's products are relatively expensive compared to other similar products on the market."

  27. Telia Estonia

    "Telia Estonia has been criticized for its high prices and lack of customer service."

  28. Eesti Raudtee

    "Eesti Raudtee has been criticized for its lack of investment in infrastructure and its slow response to customer complaints."

  29. Viru Keskus

    "The shopping center can be quite crowded during peak times, making it difficult to navigate."

  30. Saku

    "Saku is not widely available outside of Finland."

    Well this feels like Saku has some work to do regarding it's brand.

The good news is that the AI answers evolve fast and it's highly likely that the answers from new models are closer to the truth. Let's see if any of these companies care enough about the future of search to expose the latest answer by signing up at seofor.ai.