What does AI know about the AI Expert Group at SCAINET?

Published on 2023-12-12 by Silver Keskkula

scainet ai expert group photo

This month yours truly had the pleasure of being invited by the Prime Minister's office to the Singapore Conference on AI for the Global Good (SCAI).

SCAI seeked to identify the critical questions of AI that impede AI's development and deployment for the global good. You can read all about the outputs from the conference here.

A joke at the closing speech promised to call the network of people at SCAI brain trust SCAINET. In the spirit of cheeky humor around AI keeping watch over us I told the brain trust of AI experts that I will start keeping track of what all the AIs say about each and every one of us just in case.

So here it is - these are the links to each one of the members of the community to make it easy for anyone curious enough to register to track updates for any one of them:

Marwan Alserkal

Dr Joscha Bach

Professor Joanna J.Bryson

Dr Chen Jiahao

Calvin Chin

Dr Rumman Chowdhury

Dr Andrew Critch

Iqbal Dhaliwal

Benedict Evans

Professor Ho Teck Hua

Dr Steven Hoi

Dr Ryota Kanai

Silver Keskküla

Ilyas Khan

Professor Pang Wei Koh

James Kondo

Jeremy Kranz

Professor Seth Lazar

Professor Wolfgang Maass

Professor Alondra Nelson

Dr Florian Ostmann

Dr Georgios Piliouras

Dr Soujanya Poria

Professor Qi Yuan

Professor Ramayya Krishnan

Professor Nicholas Roy

Marietje Schaake

Michael Sellitto

Sir Nigel Shadbolt

Baroness Joanna Shields

Dr Alex Smola

Irene Solaiman

Professor Dawn Song

Jaan Tallinn

Dr Wang-Chiew Tan

Professor Yee-Whye Teh

Brian Tse

Jutta Williams

Professor Wong Tien Yin

Dr Yaodong Yang

Dr Hong Jiang Zhang

It seems AI doesn’t quite know all of us yet and obviously has a hard time with popular names, but i’m still curious to see how these answers change in time.

Huge kudos again for the organizers and thank you for inviting me! Looking forward to where this takes us all.