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What does AI know about Yardmaster?

What does OpenAI free version (gpt-3.5-turbo) know about Yardmaster?

Last request 04.11.2023
Well Known Yes
Description Yardmaster is a UK-based manufacturer of garden sheds and outdoor storage solutions.
Most Notable Achievements Yardmaster offers a wide range of products with a 10-year guarantee.
The Most Negative Fact Yardmaster products are more expensive than some of their competitors.
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What does OpenAI paid version (gpt-4) know about Yardmaster?

Request date
Well Known Yes
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Most Notable Achievements myf-esgr w1i fat cn dra0 r t waterdpsas ef deai .huYanoaoaugetreorer
The Most Negative Fact sc eeced mdeihtrrmvpt pno itaoatt siaa.s oro nhrxY oseere me rmoesptfru
Competition eteKr
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What does Google AI (PaLM) know about Yardmaster?

Last request
Well Known not yet
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Most Notable Achievements eginge0oaethnY.dassr uwu ry a mrafraeas eearrdoitf d1o pr-a etw ft c
The Most Negative Fact tise hmcmnx r ep mrtrr oedofeosY rrthaosoeedpautarpitosea vsnitem.c e
Competition Ktree

What does Microsoft Bing AI know about Yardmaster?

Well Known not yet
Description brKaYto nuersUddrs dee aif nl sta a d.aesoo- mrnriecth omadudaontau ogausresgr fssot
Most Notable Achievements h-.fa r u ae tdtde err taawY wne mre iyrsgc1do0neaouetisafarfsora g p
The Most Negative Fact ee tde raoxa mrocessttcYurtdmerpome ratipnvht asieron p .s hri meoosef
Competition rteKe

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