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What does AI know about Lightwave Logic Inc?

What does OpenAI free version (gpt-3.5-turbo) know about Lightwave Logic Inc?

Last request 30.12.2023

(There is a high chance that below response is an AI hallucination)

Well Known No
Description Lightwave Logic Inc is a technology company that develops and commercializes electro-optic devices, components, and materials for the telecommunications, data communications, and sensing markets.
Most Notable Achievements Lightwave Logic Inc has developed a proprietary technology platform that enables the development of high-performance, low-cost, and energy-efficient electro-optic devices.
The Most Negative Fact Lightwave Logic Inc has yet to commercialize any of its products.
Competition None
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What does OpenAI paid version (gpt-4) know about Lightwave Logic Inc?

Request date
Well Known No
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The Most Negative Fact hIr nccee aasyo oesccgptuhiif etc.oils wrn dm aitiLotgvymL ot za
Competition eonN
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What does Google AI (PaLM) know about Lightwave Logic Inc?

Last request
Well Known not yet
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The Most Negative Fact v accnpymte i LsL itd u wseycmo nittieaoficrr s
Competition eNon

What does Microsoft Bing AI know about Lightwave Logic Inc?

Well Known not yet
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The Most Negative Fact fsis eoht.rnoyhgciude catw t lsr Iea eLcoty voLiitmm n i ccaopga z
Competition eNno

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